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Torchwood Meet-Ups

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Torchwood Meet Ups
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About Torchwood Meet-Ups
Looking to host or find a Torchwood Meetup? Trying to avoid the potential confusion of hosting/finding one though the general Torchwood communities? Then tw_meetup is the place for you.

tw_meetup is a community designed to make Torchwood related Meet Ups as pain free and easily accessible as possible, whilst still encouraging everyone to meet up with other crazy mad fans!
What is Torchwood?
Torchwood is a spin-off of the long-running science fiction series "Doctor Who", and follows the workings of the Torchwood Institute in Cardiff and the team dedicated to dealing with the Rift and arming the Human Race against the future and the alien threats they encounter.

[Official Torchwood site | Wikipedia entry for Torchwood]
What is a Meet-Up?
The Torchwood community in general is full of lots of very fun people with (at least) one shared interested. It makes sense that from time to time people want to meet other people who have similar interests so meets happen. They are great opportunities to meet up with other people and generally just have a good time with fangirls (and fanboys)!

A meet-up can be anything from two people meeting up to one-hundred people congregating and having a big party!

For more information about either attending or hosting a meet-up please read the "Meet Organising FAQs".
The Tags System
You may notice that tw_meetup has a unique system for tagging the entries of posts relating to meet-ups. To fully understand the way these tags work (and especially if you're planning to organise a meet-up) please read "The Tags System: Explained".

For all other tags available for use/search, please visit our tags list [here]
Questions / Suggestions?
If you have any further questions or suggestions please feel free to leave us a comment on this post [here]!
If you'd like to be affiliated to tw_meetup please leave us a comment [here]!
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